Earlier this year Amazon launched Amazon Go. For those unfamiliar, this is a cashierless grocery store where customers get to shop for groceries without having to line up at a cashier to pay for it. Instead all they have to do is pick up what they want and leave when they’re done, with the use of various scanners and sensors that help keep track of what’s been taken.


Now at the moment Amazon Go is only located in Seattle, but according to a report from The Seattle Times, the company could be looking to expand beyond that. This has since been confirmed by an Amazon spokesperson who said that the company is planning to expand Amazon Go to San Francisco and Chicago, but stopped short of saying when that might be taking place.

The report goes on to add that Amazon is looking to hire Amazon Go managers in both of these cities. This doesn’t really come as a surprise as we imagine that expanding Amazon Go is something the company wants to do, plus there was a report from earlier this year that suggested that the company has plans to launch more stores this year.

There have even been claims that Amazon might want to expand its Go stores to international markets, such as in the UK. In any case we’ll be keeping our eyes and ears peeled for more information on when the stores in San Francisco and Chicago launch.

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