Bethesda put up a teaser yesterday out of the blue which suggested that the publisher may announce a new Fallout game in the near future. The timing of this teaser made sense as the E3 2018 gaming convention is just around the corner. Bethesda today confirmed that the new title is going to be called Fallout 76. It released the first brief trailer for the title today which confirmed the title of this game.

The latest entry to the series comes after Fallout 4 which was released at the end of 2015. The company released multiple expansions for the title in the months after launch.

The brief trailer that Bethesda released today confirms that the game is going to be called Fallout 76. The trailer doesn’t reveal much about the game itself aside from the name as it only shows the inside of a fallout shelter for a few seconds.

Bethesda will obviously be telling us more about the game at its E3 2018 press conference which is scheduled for June 10th. The title will be launched for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC when it does arrive. While Bethesda has recently been increasing its investments in the Nintendo Switch platform, it doesn’t seem like Fallout 76 will be making its way to the Switch at least initially.

Bethesda obviously hasn’t confirmed as yet when it’s going to release Fallout 76. The game is being developed by Bethesda Game Studios which is the same team that developed Skyrim and Fallout 4.

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