The Samsung Galaxy S9 is the company’s latest flagship smartphone and according to a report from The Investor, Samsung has recently confirmed that the Galaxy S9 has managed to hit 1 million units sold in South Korea. It sounds like a lot of phones and a number we’re sure many companies would love to hit, but it seems that it pales in comparison to its predecessors.

The Investor has pointed out that Samsung’s older handsets such as the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S2 managed to hit the 1 million mark much sooner. For example the Galaxy S8 achieved those numbers in 37 days while the Galaxy S2 managed to hit it in 40. It is unclear why it took the Galaxy S9 so long to reach those figures, but it seems to be in line with an earlier report suggesting that sales of the handset locally were at a “record low”.

It is possible that the smartphone market might be too saturated with different brands and models. It is also possible that the rise in Chinese smartphone makers means that there are more users opting for affordable models rather than high-end flagships. Either way we suppose while the Galaxy S9 did take longer to hit the 1 million mark, the fact that it still managed to achieve that milestone is impressive all the same.

Perhaps next year’s Galaxy S10 with its rumored high pixel density display and in-display fingerprint sensor will make it a more compelling purchase.

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