Instagram is useful not just for regular folks who want to keep tabs on friends and family and their favorite celebrities, but also for brands who can use Instagram to help announce new products, share contests and giveaways, and so on. We’ve seen Instagram launch tools to help businesses thrive on its platform, and one of the more recent changes is with messages.

Instagram has announced that they will be simplifying the inbox for businesses. This is due to the fact that businesses have probably hundreds of messages that they need to deal with on a daily basis, which means that it is easy for inboxes to get cluttered and confusing over time. With these changes, Instagram is hoping that managing your inbox will be an easier process.

According to Instagram, “Starting today, businesses will have a better way to manage their messages. Now you’ll see important new customer messages in your main Direct inbox, instead of in the pending folder. You can also star and filter your conversations to come back to messages you want to follow up on.”

Instagram has also announced that in the coming weeks, they’ll be testing out a quick replies feature so that businesses can respond quickly to commonly asked questions. At the moment this seems to be only applicable to business accounts, but smarter inbox management is a feature we’re sure regular users will be able to appreciate and hopefully it’ll be available to all users in the future.

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