It’s easy to see why Instagram can be a black hole for productivity, where users can spend hours a day scrolling through it. This is because there are so many ways to entertain yourself, such as browsing your own feed and seeing posts from people you follow, or exploring new posts from other users, watching Stories, live streams, and more.

However it seems that Instagram is hoping to help cut your addiction with a new feature called “You’re all caught up”. Basically this is a message/notification that Instagram users will see once they’ve managed to scroll through all posts from the past 48 hours, meaning that Instagram is letting you know that you’re done for the day.

Sure, you could keep browsing if you wanted to, but like we said this lets users know that they are done in a bid to promote digital health where users don’t spend hours on end of social media. However note that this feature seems to be in testing which means that it’s not available to all users yet.

TechCrunch has since confirmed it with Instagram but have declined to elaborate further on the feature or if it will be rolled out to all users eventually, but it seems like a good idea and we’re sure that there are probably a few users who might be able to appreciate it.

Image credit – TechCrunch

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