With virtual reality (VR) headsets being more or less up in your face, resolution is important because it means that the pixels are less obvious which in turn can make the experience more realistic and immersive. The good news for those who are PS VR users is that there is a chance that the next-gen VR headset from Sony could get some pretty insane displays.

Japan Display has recently announced the creation of separate 1,001 PPI and 803 PPI displays that they have designed specifically for use in VR. These are incredibly high resolutions which when viewed in close proximity should get pretty damn realistic. Given that Japan Display is part Sony (it’s a joint venture between Sony, Hitachi, and Toshiba), it has been speculated that these displays could potentially be used in the Sony PS VR 2.0 or whatever Sony plans on calling it.

At the moment, the Sony PS VR has a relatively low PPI compared to the competition at 386 PPI versus the HTC Vive Pro which has a 615 PPI. If Sony were to use the new displays from Japan Display, it would certainly allow them to lead by a mile. However there is a catch and that is the 803 PPI display only has a refresh rate of 90Hz, and the 1,001 PPI is the only one that can match the current PS VR’s refresh rate of 120Hz.

Also the size is smaller at 3.25-inches versus the ones used by the PS VR at the moment which has a 5.7-inch display. However the display has been created to be eye-specific LTPS TFT LCDs. Unfortunately in terms of availability, Japan Display only expects them to be shipped out in 2019, which means that if Sony unveils their next-gen PS VR this year, it means that it will not be benefiting from the new displays.

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