Ride-sharing service Lyft has decided to expand its network of driver hubs and it has earmarked $100 million for this purpose. The driver hubs will provide a wide variety of services to those who are driving on the Lyft platform. They will be able to get benefits such as low-cost oil changes, basic car maintenance, car washes, and access to “clean bathrooms.”

This is the latest effort on the company’s part to lower costs for its drivers. Since they are independent contractors, they have to pick up all of these costs, so the driver hubs will help aid them a bit when it comes to additional costs that eat into their earnings.

Lyft already has 15 operational driver support centers that are open for up to 40 hours a week. The company has now said that it’s going to double the operational hours at the existing locations to ensure that they’re open at least 70 hours a week. It’s also planning to build new driver hubs soon beginning with 30 new locations which will provide “heavily discounted” oil changes and car washers.

Drivers who visit these locations will also get information about tax filings, car rentals, and career support. The hubs will have clean bathrooms, communal areas for coffee and refreshments, and comfortable nooks for those who want to take a nap.

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