The Federal Trade Commission recently issued warnings to multiple companies including Sony and Nintendo reminding them that stickers on their products that claim that the warranty will be void if they are removed are illegal. The FTC had sent them warning letters earlier this month to bring to their notice that their warranties might be in conflict with U.S. law. Sony has already updated its warranty policies following the warning letter and Nintendo has now done the same.

The companies that received the warning letters from FTC include Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, ASUS, and HTC. The letters were sent to warn them that their warranties which claimed that customers couldn’t use third-party parts, accessories, or that if they removed the warranty stickers might be against the law of the land.

The FTC had given the companies 30 days to comply with the changes that it had recommended or be ready to face legal action. It happens to be illegal for manufacturers to claim that the warranty on a product will be void just because the customer repaired it by themselves.

Nintendo has now updated its warranty policies to reflect that “Nintendo provides warranty service for defects not caused by the user or by other unauthorized acts.” The revised warranty terms can now be found at

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