The cryptocurrency mining gold rush made it very difficult for people to get their hands on GPUs as the bulk of the supply was picked up by those setting up their mining rigs, leaving little to no stock for gamers who wanted to upgrade their machines. They either had to wait or pay a premium to get a graphics card over the manufacturer suggested retail price. That frenzy has calmed a bit in recent months, though, and NVIDIA has now announced that its 10-Series GeForce GTX GPUs are back in stock at many retailers at their original prices.

The mining rush made it difficult for people to get their hands on a GPU. The intense demand drove up prices considerably which when coupled with the supply shortage made things even worse. However, with cryptocurrency prices going through a slump and new mining technologies reducing their reliance on GPUs, things are finally looking up for the average graphics card buyer.

NVIDIA has confirmed through its social media channels that customers can now purchase its 10-Series GeForce GTX GPUs easily as they’re back in stock at multiple retailers. All of the cards are being sold at their original MSRPs which range from $150 to $800 depending on the card purchased.

Gamings fans will certainly be delighted to find out now that they can pick up NVIDIA GPUs right away and that too at their original prices. Many have been putting off updating their rigs for months so it’s a much-deserved win for them. Those who prefer AMD GPUs are still out of luck, though, as they remain sold out online primarily due to their popularity among miners as well.

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