Sony’s PS4 was officially launched in 2013 which means that by this time it is roughly close to 5 years old. Given that consoles typically have a lifecycle of about 10 years max, this seems to suggest that the PS4 might be halfway through its lifecycle already. Sony might have recently confirmed that during the company’s Corporate Strategy Meeting, where according to PlayStation boss John Kodera, he claims that the PS4 is actually entering the end of its lifecycle.

For a bit of context, Kodera was talking to investors and analysts about Sony’s plan for the future, and about the health and viability of the PS4 as a platform. We’re not sure if Kodera was referring to the PS4 platform in whole, including the PS4 Pro, or specifically the PS4 console itself, but chances are it is the latter as the PS4 Pro is still relatively, although this does raise some questions about how many more years the PS4 Pro has left.

In recent times there is an uptick in discussion surrounding the PS5, which is presumably Sony’s next major console launch. Some believe that we might only see it in 2020 at the earliest, but Sony has kept mum on that front. In any case for those who are still considering the PS4, note that it hasn’t ended its lifecycle yet and there are still plenty of games that have yet to be launched for it, so it’s still “safe” if you were thinking of getting it.

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