Sony’s PS4 Pro hasn’t been out for too long but it seems that speculation about the PS5 has already begun. In fact it seems that Take-Two, the publisher behind titles such as GTA 5, has decided to weigh in on when the console will be launched. In a report from DualShockers, Take-Two’s CEO Strauss Zelnick offered up his predictions on when the console will launch.


Speaking during the company’s recent financial conference call, Zelnick offered his opinion that the console could be launched in 2020. However he goes on to state that he cannot comment on the plans of another company, such as Sony, but he believes that Take-Two has successfully navigated the transitions in console cycles pretty well.

This is actually not the first time we’re hearing the 2020 date. Last month an analyst report had also predicted a 2020 launch. There was also a report from Kotaku in which several of the publication’s sources had told them that the console would be launching in 2020 at the earliest. More recently there has been speculation that production on some of the PS5’s components might have already begun.

While we suppose a PS5 is inevitable, we have seen a shift in how companies like Sony and Microsoft have approached their current-gen consoles. Instead of just releasing an updated design, both Sony and Microsoft have actually launched more powerful consoles like the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One X.

This seemed to suggest that we might be looking at incremental upgrades in a shorter space of time, versus a huge gap followed by the release of a considerably more powerful console. In any case only time will tell if the rumors pan out, but if you wanted to get your hands on the PS4, you’ve probably still got a couple of years to enjoy it.

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