PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has quickly become one of the most popular games ever released. More than 30 million people were playing the game on both PC and Xbox One before the end of 2017. Since the title was released for PC first, PC gamers accounted for a big chunk of that figure, but the game has become a hit with console gamers as well. It’s quickly racking up millions of players on the Xbox One. PUBG now has more than four million players on the Xbox One.

This is very impressive, to say the least, because exactly ten days ago that developer revealed that PUBG had three million players on Xbox One. This means that the game has added 100,000 players daily on average since then.

That’s not surprising at all given that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds sold more than a million copies on the Xbox One within 48 hours of launch. It reached the three million mark in a month after being released.

PUBG Corp.’s lead community manager Sammie Kang has confirmed today that the player count on Xbox One has now crossed four million. The developer is celebrating this milestone by giving away 30,000 Battle Points to all Xbox One players who own this game and have created a character before January 31st. Battle Points are the currency used for purchasing cosmetic creates in the game. These 30,000 points will be applied to qualifying accounts after February 1st.

The game isn’t out on any other console right now and if it was, one can imagine that it would have been even more popular.

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