5G is expected to be the next step in our mobile internet technology and will eventually replace 4G. However like we saw with 4G, the roll out of the tech will no doubt take a while before it covers everyone, but the good news is that for those living in Los Angeles, Verizon has confirmed that they will be rolling out 5G technology to the area in Q4 2018.

This is according to a press release on Verizon’s website in which they confirmed their plans. However it should be noted that this isn’t 5G mobile technology, but rather it will be fixed internet that uses 5G technology. This is presumably the same concept behind AT&T’s 5G Evolution which involves placing hotspots in cities based on 5G internet.

This shouldn’t be surprising since at the moment there are pretty no phones or tablets that support 5G. Chances are we might only start to see such devices in 2019 and we have already been hearing reports that companies such as Samsung and Apple are working to develop 5G technology that can be used in future smartphones.

In a statement made by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti in response to Verizon’s plans, “Innovation, hard work and creativity are the foundation of Los Angeles, and that’s why we are proud to partner with Verizon to be one of the first cities in America to start building their 5G network for businesses and residents, which will open doors to opportunity and inspire the next generation of tech leaders and entrepreneurs.”

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