It was announced earlier this month that Japan is going to launch a self-driving car service in Tokyo in time for the 2020 Olympics. The Olympic and Paralympic games will obviously be a major event for the country and it’s aiming to leverage the opportunity to make a positive impact on the way these games are conducted. The 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic organizing committee is working hard to ensure that the entire event is powered using renewable energy.

The committee says that all electricity that will be used at the venues for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics will come entirely from renewable sources in a bid to promote decarbonization. That’s not all. The committee is also planning to use rental and lease services so that 99 percent of the goods that are procured for the games can be reused or recycled.

This renewable energy target won’t just be limited to the venues. This target is also going to apply to the athletes’ village, the main press center, and the international broadcasting center. This is going to be an unprecedented undertaking for an event of this size but the committee is confident that it will be able to achieve this aim by purchasing renewable energy from power companies and by installing solar panels.

It’s event looking to get citizens involved as well in an ongoing initiative to create medals for the games out of metals that are collected from recycled smartphones and mobile devices.

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