Activision appears to be gearing up to bring franchising to Call of Duty esports. The company has mentioned in its annual report that the future of CoD esports includes franchises and that it’s going to “launch team sales for the Call of Duty professional league” later this year.

Activision mentioned in its annual report that its expertise with launching and growing the Overwatch league will enable it to launch additional professional esports initiatives. It not only intends to expand the number of Overwatch teams but is also looking to launch team sales for the Call of Duty professional league.

“Over time we believe our esports initiatives could rival traditional sports for audience interest, advertisers, sponsors, ticket sales, and merchandise sales (both virtual and physical),” the company adds in its report.

The annual report thus likely hints that Activision is doing the groundwork to launch a franchised professional Call of Duty esports league. Since it mentions “team sales” in the report, Activision may be searching for investors or organizations who might be interested in purchasing a team in the franchised league.

Activision hasn’t officially confirmed or denied this so far. However, given that it has mentioned this in its annual report, there’s a good chance that Call of Duty fans might get to hear more about this franchised league in the coming months.

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