Ever since Overwatch was launched, Blizzard has been steadily introducing new heroes to the game. For those who have been anticipating a new hero launch, you might be interested to learn that Blizzard posted a teaser video on its Overwatch Twitter page that seems to indicate that a new hero could be on its way.


The video doesn’t really tell us much but from what we can see and based on the comments that we’re reading, it sounds like this new hero could a rolling type of hero that can ball up and move around the map, kind of like an armadillo. Speculation has also suggested that this could an animal-type hero that was similarly experimented on like Winston.

As it stands there are about 27 heroes to choose from from the Overwatch roster, with the latest hero coming in the form of Brigitte. That was earlier this year in February which means that enough time has passed for Blizzard to potentially introduce a new one. No word on when that might be, but given Blizzard’s past teases, we’re probably a couple of weeks away from hearing anything official, so do check back with us in the coming weeks or months for more updates.

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