Google has never offered a dedicated podcasts app for Android before but it’s finally making amends. Its rival Apple already has a separate Podcasts app for its mobile devices and Google is now following suit with a dedicated Podcasts app for Android. Prior to this app, users could either listen to podcasts in Google Play Music or use an obscure player integrated into Android’s search feature.

Google is now making it much easier to listen to Podcasts on Android devices with a dedicated Google Podcasts app that’s available for download starting today for free. The app offers users access to a wide variety of podcasts that will automatically be synced with other Google services that the user relies upon, such as Google Assistant.

It’s far from a basic player app that can only be used for listening to podcasts, though. Google says that it’s going to add several AI-powered features to its dedicated podcasts app in the coming months. For example, AI-powered automatic transcription will let it read along with a podcast in one of many supported languages and show the user what’s coming in the episode they’re listening to. The app will also offer users suggestions for material related to the episode they’re listening if they want a deeper understanding of the subject.

Google hasn’t said if it plans on releasing this app for iOS devices as well. The Google Podcasts app is currently available only for Android from the Google Play Store.

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