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Apple Could Buy Exclusive Rights To Original Podcasts
Apple serves a vast majority of podcast listeners through its Podcasts app so it wouldn’t be surprising if the company wanted to leverage that to not only retain that chunk of the market but also bring in more people. To that end, it’s likely that Apple might start throwing money around to pick up exclusive rights to original podcasts.

The Obamas Are Developing Spotify Podcasts
Higher Ground, President Barack and Michelle Obama’s production company, has entered into a partnership with music streaming giant Spotify. The Obamas will be producing podcasts which will be exclusive to the Spotify platform. They formed their production company to bring powerful stories that inform, entertain, and inspire people. Spotify will distribute their podcasts to audiences worldwide.

Google Adds Android Auto Support To Podcasts
Many were surprised by the lack of features when Google launched its new Podcasts app. It didn’t have Cast support, auto-downloading, and compatibility with Android Auto. The company is rectifying at least one of things today. It has added support for Android Auto to the Podcasts app.

Serial's Third Season Will Be Out On September 20th
Serial, the popular true crime podcast, is returning for its third season. It has been confirmed this morning that the much-awaited third season is going to be aired on September 20th. A trailer for the season has been released today as well. It’s going to be taking listeners through a year in the Cleveland court system as it explores the cases that go in and out of the system.


Dedicated Google Podcasts App Launched For Android
Google has never offered a dedicated podcasts app for Android before but it’s finally making amends. Its rival Apple already has a separate Podcasts app for its mobile devices and Google is now following suit with a dedicated Podcasts app for Android. Prior to this app, users could either listen to podcasts in Google Play Music or use an obscure player integrated into Android’s search feature.

Podcasts Arrive On Google Play Music
Google today announced that podcasts have now arrived on Google Play Music. It’s finally bringing this much-requested feature to users in the United States and Canada. Surely it’s about time that podcasts came to Google Play Music. iTunes has had them for over a decade. Google Play Music users will be happy that the company has finally added this feature.

Serial Season 2 Released
Even if you’re not into podcasts chances are you might have heard about Serial, the insanely popular podcast that emerged on the scene last year, and listeners have since been waiting for its second season to arrive. Well now it has. Today the first episode of Serial season 2 has been released, it’s called “Dustwun” and can be streamed through Pandora or downloaded via and iTunes.

Google Bringing Podcasts To Play Music
If you’ve always felt that one of the features that was missing from Google’s Play Music streaming service was podcasts, you might be in luck because if you are an Android user or someone who subscribes to Google Play Music, it looks like podcasts are finally headed your way.Google has announced via the Official Android Blog that they will be introducing podcasts to Play Music. This will be a platform […]

SoundCloud Podcasts Now Open To All
SoundCloud’s podcasting features have been tested with a private group since 2011 but starting today it’s allowing everyone to get in on the fun. The website is already quite popular with people who work with music, and even those who just want to listen to music without any of the frills, so it’s safe to say that it may very well find traction with podcast aficionados as well.

Apple Reportedly Acquires Podcast App Swell
While Apple has some pretty nicely designed apps, perhaps there have been some that they have neglected, like their Podcasts app which has been given pretty bad reviews on the iTunes App Store. Perhaps they’re looking to revamp it and perhaps they’re thinking about improving the way podcasts are discovered because it looks like the Cupertino company might have recently acquired Swell.For those unfamiliar, Swell is basically like a Pandora […]