If you’re the sort of person who gets incredibly busy and is bombarded by meetings and event invites left and right, it’s always nice to take a break. However just because you are on a break doesn’t mean that the rest of the world is, which means that emails, messages, meetings, will still go on.

The good news is that if you use Google Calendar to manage your meetings, you’ll be pleased to learn that an update to the service will now let you enjoy your break in peace. This is done by Google essentially automatically rejecting any meeting or event invites that happen to fall within your break.

According to Google, “Google Calendar will automatically decline meetings that occur during this time period. You can customize both the decline message as well as the visibility of the title of your out of office object. Going forward, Google Calendar will try to intelligently detect, based on the title entered, when you’re creating an out of office object and change the type automatically. You can always manually change this if you’d like to opt for a different entry type.”

Google claims that this is done to improve your digital well-being, something that we’re seeing more companies do these days.

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