Google is known for many products and services, such as Search, Maps, Gmail, Android, and so on. However when it comes to games, chances are you might think of companies like Nintendo, Microsoft, or Sony. However Google wants to change that, according to a report from Kotaku who claims that Google could be planning its own game streaming platform.

The report claims that it will be a three-pronged approach, where one will be about creating a streaming platform, the second being creating their own hardware which presumably will support the streaming, and third would be recruiting developers and bringing them under Google’s umbrella, similar to how Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo have various studios working directly for them.

The decision to make it a streaming platform is an interesting one as for years, many have touted that streaming could be the next big thing. This is because unlike traditional methods of playing video games, streaming means that customers won’t need constantly upgrade hardware to keep up with games, although the only downside is that it is pretty much internet-dependent.

We have seen efforts in the past at trying to make Android a platform for games, with consoles such as OUYA or the NVIDIA SHIELD, although admittedly neither have really made much of an impact.

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