Diablo 3 was Blizzard’s long-awaited sequel to Diablo 2 and it introduced brand new graphics and a style to the game. Now a recently surfaced video shows Blizzard giving a talk/workshop at GDC back in 2013 that revealed how the developer came about creating the visual effects for the game.


Now the video is pretty old because like we said, it dates back to 2013, but GDC is making them available via its YouTube channel now. The video is pretty long and might not necessarily be of interest to those who aren’t in the industry, but it is also rather educational if you have the time to spare.

This is because even if you aren’t necessarily designing games, there are some concepts in there that could apply to design in general. For example one portion of the video talks about creating effects that would make players instinctively think if this is something they should avoid, or if it is something they should go towards.

In any case if you have about 50 minutes to spare, you should definitely check out the video above. In the meantime there seems to be signs that Blizzard could be working on a new Diablo game based on job hires. When exactly we will see this game is anyone’s guess, but we’re sure many are hoping to learn more at BlizzCon 2018.

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