While onboard GPUs don’t exactly scream powerful, Intel has made some decent headway in the recent years with its Intel HD Graphics. However it seems that Intel will be stepping up their GPU game by launching a dedicated GPU in 2020. This is according to a report by Ryan Shrout at Market Watch who details an analyst event that was held last week.

During the event, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich revealed that the company was planning on launching its own discrete graphics chips by 2020, in which it would ultimately lead the company towards creating a portfolio of products for different market segments, such as gaming, data centers, and for AI.

Intel had previously hinted at their discrete GPU plans back in 2017 when they hired Raja Koduri to lead their graphics and compute initiatives. Koduri had previously worked at the graphic’s division at AMD and helped to develop and grow AMD’s Radeon brand of GPUs, so his experience in that area is no doubt a valuable one.

Unsurprisingly Intel did not dive into specifics regarding its GPU and what kind of performance and specs we might be able to expect from it. It is also unclear if Intel plans to release these GPUs under its own brand like its SSDs, or if they will license out its designs that will then be made by other manufacturers, like how MSI, Sapphire, and ASUS make GPUs based on NVIDIA and AMD’s designs.

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