As Nintendo promised, the NES Classic has been re-released this year and is finally available for purchase. For those who missed out on the chance to buy the console last year, now is your chance to do so. The console will be maintaining its original price tag of $60 so don’t pay more for that if you are seeing it priced higher, especially by those on eBay.


However it seems that the NES Classic might be hard to find even in 2018. According to IGN, it seems that many online retailers have listed the console as being out of stock. This is similar to what we’ve heard in the past where retailers such as GameStop have said that they will be keeping limited quantities on hand.

Nintendo last year promised that supply for the NES Classic will be better this year, but based on this initial sellout it doesn’t appear to be the case. Either demand is considerably higher than last year, or the initial shipment of inventory is less. Note that the consoles are sold out online, which means that if you want one maybe you’ll have to try your luck at the store itself, but you should probably call ahead to make sure there is stock lest you end up disappointed.

In the meantime there is speculation that Nintendo could have more Classic series of consoles in the works. A recent trademark filing has led to speculation that a GameCube Classic could be in the works, while in the past there have also been signs that an N64 Classic could also be in development.

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