While cheaters are almost always to be expected when it comes to games, sometimes cheats get a bit too far to the point where legal action has to be taken. Such is the case over in South Korea where an Overwatch hacker has been handed a suspended prison sentence of one-year, along with an additional two years of probation.

The reports are claiming that Blizzard had worked closely with the Seoul National Police in helping to bring the hacker to justice. It has also been reported that the sentencing appears to be relatively lenient. This is because under the Game Industry Promotion Law and Information and Communication Technology Protection Law in South Korea, those found guilty can receive up to 2 years in jail straightaway, along with a whopping $18,000 fine.

Given that the hacker in question does not need to go to jail or pay a fine, it seems that they got off pretty easy. This isn’t the first time that Blizzard has resorted to legal measures to counter cheaters and hackers. Last year the company won a $8.6 million lawsuit against a developer that made Overwatch cheats, and with companies starting to employ more legal means against hackers and cheaters, hopefully this means that such practices will subside a bit.

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