Telegram CEO Blames Recent Issues On A ‘State Actor’ Attack

As some of you might have heard, Telegram had recently experience some connectivity issues in which a DDoS attack was to blame. However, it seems that this was more than just a regular DDoS attack, it was one that could have been orchestrated by a country, or at least that’s what Telegram’s CEO, Pavel Durov is implying.

Hackers Steal Traveler Photos, License Plates From US Customs

Whenever you travel to a new country, you usually need to hand over information about yourself, such as your passport. Some countries might even require you to scan your fingerprints, take a photo, and if you’re driving, you might also need to submit the license plate of your vehicle.

Hackers Could Steal Your Password By Hearing How You Type

Your password can be stolen in a variety of ways. The most common way is by using a very easy-to-guess password in which hackers won’t even need to try too hard to break into your account. Other more complex ways involve phishing, where hackers create a website that mimics the website of a service you use and once you enter your credentials, that information is stolen.

19 Million Patient Records Stolen From Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp

We all sign up for a variety of services, both online and offline, and usually these services require us to provide personal information, such as our names, phone numbers, home addresses, personal identification numbers, and so on. It is usually assumed that the information will be stored safely and securely, but unfortunately, that isn’t always the case.


Database Exposes Security Details For Several Major Hotel Chains

In recent years, we have been hearing reports of how some major hotel chains have had their databases hacked which exposed a ton of customer information in the process. Unfortunately, it seems that a new leak has been discovered which could potentially be worse than the previous leaks.

Teen Who Hacked Apple Was Hoping They Would Offer HIm A Job

For the most part, hacking is considered an illegal activity. Unfortunately, despite its illegal nature, many still go about doing it. Sometimes, and only sometimes, those efforts pay off where there are some companies and organizations who are so grateful and/or impressed with the hackers that they offer them a job instead of pursuing legal charges against them.

Database Of Instagram Influencers And Celebrities Leaked

Storing contact information in a database makes a lot of sense, but what would make even more sense is if that database was password protected. Unfortunately, that was not the case with a database that contained contact information of millions of Instagram influencers, celebrities, and brand accounts.

Microsoft Warns Of Security Exploit For Older Versions Of Windows

There is a good reason to upgrade to the newest versions of software whenever possible. This is because due to the management of resources, most developers would much rather focus on its newer software than older ones. An example would be Microsoft’s Windows, where in some cases, the company has stopped keeping older versions of Windows updated.

New Intel ‘ZombieLoad’ Security Flaw Discovered

It wasn’t too long ago that Intel was inundated with the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities that affected a ton of their processors. To their credit, the company did take steps to try and address the problem, but it seems that new vulnerabilities have since been discovered by the original researchers who found the Meltdown and Spectre flaws.

WhatsApp Vulnerability Allowed Hackers To Inject Spyware

One of the features of WhatsApp that the company loves to boast about would be its end-to-end encryption. This means that messages sent and received are thoroughly encrypted, thus preventing hackers from intercepting them and reading them. However, it seems that while the app might be protected on that front, there was a vulnerability that was open.

This Guy Hacked His Roomba To Swear When It Bumps Into Objects

How many of us have sworn and cursed really loudly whenever we stub our toe against some furniture, or trip over a cable? Many, we’re guessing. Thankfully, robots such as the Roomba don’t swear when it runs into furniture. Instead, it takes what it learns and tries not to let it happen again, a good philosophy we should all strive to adopt.

Chrome Exploit Uses Fake Address Bar For Phishing

Phishing attacks come in many forms, such as URLs created to look similar to authentic websites, or emails that are seemingly legit. However, according to researcher James Fisher, he has discovered a new Chrome exploit that could let hackers create a very real-looking, but fake, address bar.

Student Destroys $58,000 Of Computer Equipment With A USB Killer Device

If you’re looking to ruin a computer, there are many ways to go about doing it. There is your traditional fare such as malware, but in the case of 27-year old (former) student Vishwanath Akuthota of The College of St. Rose in Albany, New York, it seems that he opted for less conventional means.

It’s 2019 And Over 20 Million People Still Use ‘123456’ As Their Password

These days with the number of hacks and phishing scams that we are seeing, you would think that everyone would start securing their accounts with stronger passwords, 2FA, and maybe even use physical security keys. Unfortunately, the truth of the matter is that it seems that people haven’t or don’t want to change.