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Hackers Are Now Hiding Credit Card Skimmers In Image Metadata On The Web
Physical credit card skimmers aren’t new and while they can be disguised, it is relatively easy to spot it if you know what you’re looking for. Unfortunately, it seems that credit card skimmers have gone virtual where according to a report from Malwarebytes, it appears that hackers are now hiding these virtual skimmers inside the metadata of images on compromised online storefronts.

Hackers Have Found A Way To Spy On Conversations Using A Light Bulb
In the past, we have heard of various attempts to spy on users through all kinds of methods, such as hijacking your computer’s webcam/microphone, smart speakers, and so on. However, it seems that hackers might have discovered a potentially new way to spy on people using nothing more than an ordinary light bulb.

Intel’s Tiger Lake Processors Will Feature Chip-Based Malware Protection
When it comes to protecting your computer against malware, the majority of people rely on software. However, software can really only do so much and might not be particularly effective against certain types of malware, such as control-flow hijacking attacks that might not be detected as they tend to hide behind legitimate code.

‘Sign In With Apple’ Flaw Allowed Attackers Unauthorized Access To Linked Third-Party Services
One of the changes Apple introduced to its platforms last year was a new service called “Sign in with Apple”. This is basically a login service where you use your Apple ID to sign up and sign into online services. This is in addition to other login services offered by the likes of Facebook and Google and was created as an alternative sign-in service with an emphasis on privacy.


Study Finds Apple Devices Could Be Vulnerable Short Range Bluetooth Attacks
According to some, it is said that if we are not using Bluetooth, we should turn it off. This is said to not only help improve battery life, but it also helps keep our devices more secure as it makes it undiscoverable by other devices. Turns out that there might be some merit to the latter claims, according to a recent research paper.

Scammers Use Data Breaches To Scam Government Unemployment Insurance Programs
In countries like the US, there are programs that help those who are unemployed by allowing them to claim unemployment benefits. These programs have become more important than ever, due to the coronavirus pandemic that has forced many companies to temporarily or permanently shut down.

Researcher Discovers New Thunderbolt Flaw That Affects Millions Of PCs
While many computer makers have been more than eager to adopt Thunderbolt to their computers, Microsoft has remained as one of the few that have not, citing security issues as one of the reasons why. It turns out that Microsoft’s concerns are indeed valid, especially with a new Thunderbolt security flaw discovered that could leave millions of PCs vulnerable.

Samsung Finally Patches Zero-Day Vulnerability That Has Been Around Since 2014
As much as companies try to test their devices to look for bugs and security flaws, it would be impossible for them to spot everything. This is because we all use our devices differently, and the various combinations and deviations are simply too many for companies to consider every scenario.

160,000 Nintendo User Account Information Leaked
Before Nintendo established its new online service for the Switch, the company relied on what was known as the Nintendo Network ID (NNID). Unfortunately, it seems that somehow hackers have managed to obtain access to at least 160,000 NNID accounts where they have managed to steal login IDs, passwords, and other user information stored in those profiles.

Apple Downplays iOS Email Exploit, Says No Evidence Of Exploit Being Used
The other day, researchers revealed that they had discovered a vulnerability in the email app on iOS devices. This vulnerability is quite serious because it seems that users don’t even need to open the email in order for it to be exploited. All that needs to happen is that the person receives it and the attacker can then execute code remotely.

Apple Investigating Newly-Discovered iOS Email Exploit
If you use Apple’s Mail app on your iPhone or iPad, it might be time to consider using another application to check your emails. This is because according to a report from security research firm ZecOps, a potential zero-day exploit has been discovered that could allow attackers to remotely run code on affected devices.

Over 500,000 Zoom Accounts Are Being Sold On The Dark Web
Zoom’s explosion in popularity should have been a great thing, but unfortunately, it only exposed the app’s security and privacy flaws which could compromise accounts. Unfortunately for Zoom, it looks like the company’s troubles are far from over because according to a report from BleepingComputer, it appears that over half a million Zoom accounts are being sold on the dark web and hacker forums.

Safari Flaw Would Have Allowed Hackers To Hijack iOS And macOS Device’s Webcam And Microphone
One of the concerns that many of us have with devices with built-in cameras and microphones, it would be whether or not these hardware features could be used to spy on us. This is why some people choose to tape over their microphones and cameras on their computers to prevent this from happening.

Hacker Manages To Capture Video Using An Audio Cassette Tape
Back in the day, cassette tapes were largely used to record audio. This is why before CDs, the majority of music was sold on cassette tapes. However, YouTuber and hacker Kris Slyka discovered that it is possible that cassette tapes could be used to capture video, albeit in rather poor quality.