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Cellebrite Phone Unlocking Tool Helps Brazilian Police Arrest Murder Suspects
There is quite a lot of controversy surrounding tools like Cellebrite that is said to be capable of unlocking a locked smartphone, like an iPhone. This tool is mostly used by law enforcement as a way to unlock a smartphone and retrieve potential evidence in cases, but the argument is that this should not be allowed.

Beware This WhatsApp Scam That Could Steal Your Account
Internet scams aren’t new and hopefully people have, over the years, gotten more educated and more aware about them. However, the reality is that people still fall for scams even today, but do be on the lookout for a new-ish WhatsApp scam that seems to be making its rounds these days.

Over 500 Million Facebook Users’ Personal Data Have Leaked Online
Facebook already has a pretty bad reputation when it comes to protecting the privacy of its users, and the latest reports are certainly not helping. According to security researcher Alon Gal, it appears that the personal data of over 500 million Facebook users have managed to make their way online.

New Android Malware Disguises Itself As A System Update
Malware on smartphones isn’t new, although what’s troubling is that the creators of these malwares have come up with new and interesting and even more sneaky ways of disguising them to trick users into installing it. The latest malware, as discovered by security firm Zimperium, seems to have managed to disguise itself as an Android system update.


iOS 14.4.2 Will Fix A Dangerous Safari Exploit
If you own an iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch, then you might want to update your devices ASAP. This is because Apple has released iOS 14.4.2 which comes with a fix for an exploit in Safari that could allow for hackers to potentially manipulate websites through cross site scripting when viewed through Safari on your mobile devices.

Acer Hit With $50 Million Ransomware Attack
Ransomware attacks are unfortunately kind of common these days, and now it looks like Acer is one of the more recent victims of such an attack, and they could also possibly be one of the biggest ransomware attacks to date as the hackers have asked for a whopping $50 million in order to release the files.

Xcode Malware Is Targeting Apple Developers
Malware can target all sorts of users, from those who might be naive enough to click on suspicious email attachments, to those who think they’re downloading a pirated movie when they might be downloading malware instead, and so on, so it doesn’t really come as a surprise to learn that there might malware out there that targets developers.

Mysterious Malware Discovered On At Least 30,000 Macs
Given that Windows is more widely used compared to Mac, it would obviously benefit hackers and scammers to create malware designed to target Windows computers instead of Mac, but this doesn’t mean that Macs are completely safe. In fact, recently, researchers have discovered a mysterious strain of malware on at least 30,000 Mac computers.

First Malware Targeting The M1 Chipset Has Been Discovered
Apple’s M1 chipset is relatively new and as such, it could be considered “safe” from malware, or at least that’s what we thought. According to security researcher Patrick Wardle, it seems that he has discovered that there are at least two different strains of malware that are targeting the M1 chipset.

Cyberpunk 2077’s Source Code Has Already Been Auctioned Off
The other day, developer CD Projekt announced that their internal systems were breached as a result of a hack. The hackers left a message claiming that they stole source code for several of the studio’s games, including Cyberpunk 2077, and threatened to release it online if their demands weren’t  met.

Cyberpunk 2077’s Developer Has Been Hacked, Source Code Allegedly Stolen
It seems that the developers behind Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher have landed themselves in a bit of an awkward situation as they have been hacked. In a tweet posted on CD Projekt Red’s account, the company has confirmed that they have fallen victim to a hack and had their internal systems breached and compromised.

Hackers Attempted To Contaminate A Florida Town’s Water Supply
The problem with a lot of things being online and connected to the internet these days is that it makes them vulnerable to hackers. A good example would be a recent story of how a town in Florida nearly had their water supply contaminated to dangerous levels when hackers managed to breach the system.

11 Year Old Poses As A Hacker Online, Blackmails His Own Father
Just because you consider someone to be your family, even if it’s necessarily by blood, it doesn’t mean that they can’t turn around and betray you or do things that work against you. Take for example over in India, where a man who extorted by what he thought was a group of hackers, only to find out that it was his 11-year old son.

Instagram Launches New Feature To Better Protect Users Against Account Takeovers
More often than not, we come across many instances of people having their Instagram accounts hacked and taken over and have its contents deleted. Since we don’t always keep backups of the photos we share on Instagram, this can be a devastating loss for some who might have amassed a huge following and a ton of posts.

Cyberpunk 2077 Mods Could Allow Hackers To Control Your PC
One of the features of Cyberpunk 2077 is the ability to support mods. Games with mod support aren’t new, but they’re a welcome feature as it means that gamers get to experience the game in other ways not necessarily intended by the developer, which can make things fun and exciting.

Researchers Discover New ‘BlastDoor’ Security Feature For Apple’s Messages
Text messages might seem rather mundane and somewhat innocent, but sometimes due to vulnerabilities and flaws in the code of iOS or Android, hackers might be able to do some rather nasty stuff through a simple and otherwise seemingly innocent text message, but Apple seems to have done something about it.

TikTok Had A Vulnerability That Could Have Allowed Hackers To Steal Phone Numbers
It can be dangerous to associate your phone number with online services and apps, but sometimes some services do require it. The reason it’s dangerous is because should a data breach happen, it could result in phone numbers being leaked into the wild, which can then be used for malicious or harassment purposes.

Facebook Users’ Phone Numbers Are Being Sold Through A Telegram Bot
If you ever associated your phone number with your Facebook account in the past couple of years, then you might want to take note that there is a chance your phone number could be shopped around online. This is according to a report from Motherboard in which they are reporting that a Telegram bot is selling access to a database containing these phone numbers.

Microsoft Edge Will Now Tell You When Your Passwords Are Compromised
If you happen to use Microsoft Edge as your browser of choice, you’ll be pleased to learn that Microsoft has recently issued an update to the browser. This update will introduce a new security feature where if it detects that you have a password that has been compromised, it will warn you about it.

Google’s Titan Security Key Vulnerable To Cloning
To prevent their employees from being phished, Google introduced the Titan security key which they then released to the public. This is a USB dongle that authenticates the user whenever it’s plugged into the computer. It sounds like a pretty useful security tool, but it turns out that even such devices are not completely invulnerable to attacks.