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Instagram Bug Would Have Allowed Hackers To Take Over Your Smartphone
It would seem that Instagram had a particularly nasty bug on their hands when cybersecurity researchers at Check Point Security discovered that this bug, when exploited, would have allowed a hacker to take over the victim’s phone. Yup, the entire phone, not just their Instagram account.

Shopify Reveals That ‘Rogue’ Employees Stole Some Customer Data
If you’ve ever bought something online, there is a chance that you might have used Shopify’s online shopping platform. It is an incredibly popular system that many retailers are using these days, which is why it’s a bit worrying to hear that the company had recently experienced having some customer data stolen.

A Ransomware Attack On A Hospital Could Have Killed A Patient
Ransomware attacks aren’t new, and generally speaking they’re not exactly life-threatening attacks either as the attacks are basically meant to encrypt the data on a computer and hold it hostage, only providing the victims with the decryption key once a ransom has been paid (hence the name).

Bluetooth Vulnerability Put Billions Of Devices At Risk
One of the features of Bluetooth connections is that when you move within range of a previously paired device, it should reconnect almost immediately. This is useful when you have wireless headphones, speakers, or are trying to connect to your car’s infotainment system, but unfortunately, it seems that a flaw in this system has put billions of devices at risk.


Apple Accidentally Approved Malware To Run On Macs
One of the reasons why Apple is so insistent on users getting their apps through the App Store is because of the checks that they put in place to prevent bad actors from getting in. However, it’s a slightly different story for Mac computers where users can download apps from anywhere, which can be dangerous.

Money-Stealing Malware Found Preloaded On Cheap Android Phones
There are plenty of markets around the world that might not have a population that’s willing to shell out $1,000 for a smartphone. This is why there are companies that purely make cheap Android phones to sell to the masses. Obviously there are compromises when you make a cheap phone, such as using less premium materials or using lower-end hardware.

Gmail Bug Would Have Allowed Attackers To Spoof Emails
One of the ways that might result in your online accounts getting compromised is to fall prey to scam emails. While it might be easy to recognize an email as being spam, sometimes when the attacker uses spoofing to trick users into believing it’s a legitimate email, that’s when the trouble begins.

Smartphones Could Be Exploited To Clone Our House Keys
We’ve all heard about keys getting cloned, but that usually involves the person taking your actual key, making a mould, and then recreating that key. This means that if you never let your keys out of your sight, you’re usually safe. However, it seems that might not be that way anymore.

How To Scan Your Computer For Malware
If you know what you’re doing on the internet, it’s quite easy to avoid getting your computer infected with malware or viruses, but unfortunately sometimes they can sneak up on you. If you suspect that you might have been infected, here’s how you can check.

Intel Hacked, 20GB Of Confidential Information Leaked
This year does not look like a particularly good year for Intel. It would appear that the company was recently hacked and had about 20GB worth of confidential information stolen and posted onto the internet. This was initially revealed by a software engineer by the name of Till Kottmann who was sent the files from an anonymous hacker.

Microsoft Office Flaw Would Allow Hackers To Take Over A Mac
One advice that is generally dispensed to prevent your computer from getting infected by malware or a trojan is to simply not download any file attachments you get in your emails by people you do not know. However, sometimes these attachments might look harmless, like a Microsoft Word or Excel file.

Unpatchable Exploit Found On Apple’s Secure Enclave
One of the newer hardware security features to come with Apple’s computing products is the inclusion of the Secure Enclave. Basically this is where all kinds of sensitive information is being stored and encrypted, like your passwords, credit card information, and biometric information like your fingerprints.

17-Year Old Arrested Over Twitter Hacks
A couple of weeks ago, several high profile Twitter accounts were compromised in which they were taken over and then used to post a bitcoin scam. Given that these were very public profiles which included the likes of Apple, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and so on, it managed to gain quite a bit of traction with some Twitter users falling for it.

Garmin Confirms Cyber Attack Had Disrupted Their Services
Over the weekend, it seems that Garmin’s services were disrupted as users were experiencing connectivity issues. It was speculated at that time that it could be due to a cyber attack, and now Garmin has shared additional information about what happened while confirming that they were indeed a victim of an external cyber attack.