Google Will Soon Block Logins From Embedded Browsers

Apps on our mobile devices like Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and so on come with their own built-in browsers. The idea is that this will help keep users using their app even when they have clicked a link. However, the problem with embedded browsers is that they can be exploited and used with man-in-the-middle attacks.

New Powerful Spyware Discovered That Targets iPhone Users

Due to Android being more open and how apps can be easily installed outside of the Google Play Store, it’s not uncommon to hear about people running into issues with malware. But to assume that the iPhone is safer would be wrong. In fact, more recently, researchers mobile security firm Lookout have discovered a new and powerful spyware that is aimed at iPhone users.

Woman Arrested For Carrying Malware Into A Resort

When we think of malware attacks, we usually associate them with online attacks where clicking a suspicious link or opening a suspicious email attachment can sometimes result in malware being installed on a computer. However, it seems that a woman was recently arrested for carrying malware into President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort.

Researchers Trick Tesla’s Autopilot Using Nothing But Stickers On The Ground

One of the features of Tesla cars would be its Autopilot feature where it is more of an enhanced cruise control feature that also has the ability for the car to steer itself, meaning that it can be used on curved roads where the sensors on the car would allow it to continue to remain in its lane without driver input.


New Research Finds At Least 36 New Security Flaws In LTE

Sometimes we tend to take our technology for granted and assume that it should just work. However, it isn’t always the case as researchers have recently found out. According to a report out of South Korea (via Engadget), it seems that at least 36 new security flaws have been discovered within LTE.

Safari Zero-Day Exploit Can Takeover A Mac Computer Entirely

Safari is Apple’s default browser that comes bundled with their iOS and macOS devices. It’s a pretty decent browser but unfortunately, it seems that it might not necessarily be the most secure. This is according to a demonstration made at a white-hat hacker security conference in Vancouver, Canada.

19-Year Old WinRAR Bug Is Used To Distribute Malware

Last month the developers behind WinRAR finally issued a patch that fixed a serious security flaw in the app. The catch was that this was a bug that had been around for 19 years, meaning that the flaw had many years to be exploited. Now according to a report from McAfee (via Engadget), it looks like those fears have indeed come true.

Google Chrome To Build In Drive-By Downloads Protection

There is a reason why it has been advised that users should not visit suspicious looking websites or click on suspicious links. Google has recently attempted to educate users on the dangers of that where these links could try to get users to give up their passwords to their banks and so on.

Pranksters Access Nest Camera To Broadcast Fake Missile Attack

Smart gadgets are wonderful things. They help us automate a lot of our lives, and provide us with even better and accessible home security than ever. However its security is really only as strong as your account’s password, which is what a family in Orinda discovered when their Nest camera was accessed and used to broadcast a fake message about North Korea firing missiles at the US.

Google Wants To Educate The Public On Detecting Phishing Emails

Gmail’s spam detection feature works pretty well and for the most part does an excellent job at filtering out scam emails from the real ones (although sometimes it ends up filtering out the real ones as well). However from time to time, phishing emails do get through and some of them look so convincing that even seasoned internet users might be fooled.

Some Alcatel Smartphones Came Preinstalled With Malware

Avoiding malware on our smartphones and computers is pretty easy: just don’t install apps or visit suspicious sounding and looking websites. Granted this isn’t a guarantee that you can’t get infected, but usually practicing such habits can help. Unfortunately for owners of certain Alcatel handsets, their phones actually came with malware preinstalled.

Marriott Breach Might Be Smaller Than Previously Estimated

Last year it was reported that the Marriott Starwood database had been breached by hackers, where it was initially estimated that about 500 million guests had their details exposed. However in an update provided by Marriott, it seems that the actual number of guests affected might be smaller than they thought.

This Apple Phishing Scam Is Scarily Convincing

Phishing scams are actually rather common, although for the most part if you use email services like Gmail, Google’s spam filter does a pretty good job at filtering them out. However not all phishing scams come via email, some are sent via text message, and in this particular case, was made via a phone call.

Chromecasts Are Being Hacked To Promote PewDiePie’s Channel

If you’ve been around the internet, more specifically YouTube, long enough, chances are you are familiar with YouTube personality PewDiePie. He is one of the platform’s top earners and safe to say that he probably doesn’t need more publicity. However some of his fans have taken it upon themselves to hack printers and websites to promote his channel.