Mesh WiFi systems are all the rage these days as they are one of the ways that users can help to blanket their entire homes with WiFi and eliminate dead spots. Plume is one of the many companies that has made mesh WiFi routers, and it looks like the company is taking their offerings to another level.

The company has recently announced that they will be launching a subscription service that their users can subscribe to get more out of their devices. Dubbed Plume Adaptive WiFi, this subscription service will cost users $60 a year, or alternatively if you believe strongly in what Plume has to offer, an upfront payment of $200 will net you a lifetime membership.

So what does this subscription offer? It will give users access to tools such as parental controls, speed tests, “security products”, and “active management”, which according to Plume’s CEO who spoke to The Verge, is, “We’re attaching more and more devices to our routers — from computers to phones to streaming boxes to speakers to smart home gadgets — and it’s all getting really complicated and needs additional work… from somewhere or something… to run smoothly.”

However one of the biggest changes that Plume is making is that this subscription service is required in order for their devices to work. The good news is that existing Plume Pod owners will be grandfathered in, but for those who haven’t purchased it yet, it seems that it will be sold as a whole package.

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