We’ve all had those moments where time feels like it has come to standstill, where we watch our phones drop from our hands to the ground in slow motion. Considering that devices like the iPhone X are priced starting at $1,000, this can be a rather heart-wrenching moment for many smartphone owners.

Now smartphone cases do offer some degree of protection, but Philip Frenzel, a student from Aalen University in Germany, has come up with an interesting way of protecting your smartphone that could potentially be better than what’s already available. How, you ask? This will be done by using “airbags”.

Frenzel has created a smartphone case that comes with built in springs that more or less replicates what airbags can do. The case will feature built-in sensors that can detect when the phone is dropping, in which it will then deploy the springs that will help dampen the fall. Like we said this is more effective than other cases because the springs will help absorb and distribute the impact, versus cases in which the force could still cause some damage to internal components.

However whether or not this case becomes a reality remains to be seen, but a patent has been registered so we guess we’ll have to wait and see who might be interested in licensing it.

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