Sony has been soldiering on in the mobile market even though it doesn’t quite command the market share that it once used to. The company continues to make good smartphones but they have a hard time competing against rivals from other manufacturers. Sony Mobile is now believed to be thinking about exiting a few markets to essentially cut its losses.

Twitter leakster @evleaks who has a solid track record with these things claims that Sony Mobile is planning to “shut down its operations and offices” in the Middle East, Turkey, and Africa later this year. The company will apparently make this decision in October.

Even though Sony’s smartphones don’t command mass appeal like the Galaxy S9s of the world do, the company still has many fans across the globe who look forward to its smartphones and actually go out and buy them.

If those fans are based in the Middle East, Turkey, and Africa then they will certainly not be happy about this decision. It would be purely a business decision for Sony as no company continues to operate in regions where it keeps on losing money.

It remains to be seen, though, if Sony Mobile will take similar steps in other markets across the globe and what that’s going to mean for the future of its smartphone business.

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