These days it’s rare to see Android tablets being made. This is because for the most part, Apple’s iPad continues to dominate which makes it hard for Android makers to really put out a tablet that can compete with it. This is why over the years we’ve started to see the number of tablets from mainstream companies dwindle.

Now there have been rumors that Sony could be thinking of making a comeback with the Xperia Z5 Tablet, the successor to the Xperia Z4 Tablet from a few years ago. Unfortunately that may no longer be happening, according to a report from Android Marvel who claims that a source has told them that Sony might have cancelled development on it.

According to their report, Sony had actually planned to launch the tablet this year, but apparently they decided against it as sales for their flagship phones were less than stellar. Presumably Sony’s confidence in their tablet sales might not be particularly high based on this information.

It is unclear as what kind of specs or features that Xperia Z5 Tablet might be packing, so it’s hard to say what we might have missed out on. No word on whether Sony plans on revisiting their tablet efforts at a later date, but for now perhaps you should look elsewhere if you’re after a new tablet.

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