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The problem with so-called full screen smartphones is that they’re not 100% full screen. This is because components like the speaker and front-facing camera still need to be placed somewhere, resulting in the notched design. However Vivo has “fixed” this with the Nex smartphone which featured a popup camera.

For those wondering how the popup camera works, the folks at MyFixGuide have published a teardown of the handset which shows the popup camera in action. Basically it features a spring which helps the camera popup, along with a latch that keeps it in place while it is inside the phone’s chassis. It seems like a pretty clever idea, although we’re sure that many are also wondering how fragile this could be.

Imagine a situation where your front camera is out and you knock it against something, that would damage it pretty easily. Or what if there are instances where the camera is stuck and won’t come out, or if the latch is spoilt and it won’t let the camera retract? We’re sure those are some concerns that many are thinking about, but we suppose only time will tell how many of these concerns will actually come true.

In the meantime Vivo is not the only company to launch a phone with a popup camera. Oppo has also recently launched the Find X which also features a similar setup. Admittedly the lack of a notch does make the design rather striking, but it’s hard to ignore some of the potential pitfalls to the popup camera design.

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