It has been a few months since Darksiders 3 was announced and now much has been revealed about the game since then. No information has been officially revealed concerning its release date but it appears that the Darksiders 3 release date may have been leaked on the Microsoft Store. A listing appeared on the store which suggested a possible release date for the title.

What we know about Darksiders 3 so far is that there’s going to be a new protagonist and that the story of the existing games will be continued. It has also been confirmed by THQ Nordic that the title is going to support the Xbox One X in addition to the PlayStation 4 and PC. Players will be returning to a post-apocalyptic Earth in Darksiders 3, taking on the role of Fury as she sets on her quest to find and eliminate the “Seven Deadly Sins.”

A listing for the title appeared on the Microsoft Store which provided more details about the title and also mentioned a November 2018 release date. If the information is accurate, Darksiders 3 should be released on November 27th, 2018. The date is in line with the traditional release schedule but the possibility exists that it may just be a placeholder.

THQ Nordic hasn’t commented on the matter as yet. The listing is still live on the Microsoft Store. It’s unclear at this point in time when pre-orders might be opened for this title.

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