Epic Games recently announced that it will be launching a four-player Playground practice mode for Fortnite. It’s basically a shrunken down version of the main game that players can take part in with three other friends. This will help them hone their skills before they join main games where they’re up against more seasoned players. The Playground practice mode was delayed for a couple of days but it’s finally live now for all players.


Epic Games has confirmed that it has completed deploying its servers that contain the improved matchmaking changes. This allows all players to now join the Playground practice mode.

It does remind players to change their region back to “auto select” and verify that they’re on their preferred region. There’s a possibility that players may encounter an error as many players are trying to join this game mode. Epic says that players should just attempt to requeue until they find a match.

This limited time mode will give players an hour to practice their tactics and building before the deadly storms starts to shrink in the final five minutes of the match. They will also be able to shoot their teammates in Playground for a spot of friendly competition. All players in Playground get unlimited respawns when they’re shot.

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