Fortnite’s events are quite interesting and exciting to watch and play. Even the Twitch viewer count skyrockets at the time of an event on Fortnite.

However, the end of Season 10 (or chapter 1) witnessed a surprising event dubbed ‘The End’.

To start with, some players thought that this is going to be the end of Fortnite – but that was just a part of the announcement for the next season.

When the event started, a rocket launched into the sky and everyone was left clueless. In the next few minutes, multiple rockets started flying all over the map.

You could also observe cracks (or some sort of voids) in the atmosphere. With so much going on, the map just started to get sucked into a single void and all you could see is the black hole.

However, no one knows when the new season will go live. Fortnite’s Twitter account, official Twitch stream, and other official social network channels have gone dark. Here’s how the YouTube channel looks right now:

So, it is safe to assume that they are buying time for the server maintenance to push the new season 11 update. There is no official announcement regarding the time, yet. It is believed that the new season will kick in on Tuesday.

Featured Image Credits: u/cpgxrcia (Reddit User)

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