Mozilla’s Firefox Focus is a privacy-focused browser that’s picking up support for Face ID on the iPhone X. The latest version of the app allows users to configure it so that it locks automatically when it’s sent to the background. The only way to unlock the app then is by using the biometrics saved on the device itself. This lets users either use Touch ID or Face ID to unlock their browser. It’s an additional layer of privacy for the web browser when the device is unlocked.

Once Firefox Focus has been updated on the device, users can find the relevant option in the Settings menu under “Use your Touch/Face ID to unlock app.” It’s pretty self-explanatory in that it automatically locks the browser when the user switches to another app and Firefox Focus will remain locked until Touch ID or Face ID is used.

It doesn’t require the handset to be locked as well so the app remains private even if the phone is unlocked and with someone else. It’s a great feature to protect your browsing history particularly if you tend to hand your phone off to other people often.

The latest version of Firefox Focus is now available for download on iOS devices. This feature isn’t available on Android as yet, the platform has support for both fingerprint and facial recognition, so it’s possible that Mozilla may add these features to the Android version at some point in the future as well.

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