Suspects Cannot Be Forced To Unlock iPhones With Face ID, Touch ID

Before biometric security features were used for our smartphones, most phones relied on security features like a passcode, or in the case of Android, a pattern unlock feature. It also presented certain legal conundrums as to whether or not suspects could be forced by the police to unlock their devices (no, they can’t).

Apple’s Face ID Supplier Unveils New Behind-Screen Sensor

For those who aren’t a fan of the iPhone’s notch, the bad news is that you might have to wait a while before the notch design is phased out. This is because rumors are claiming that it could stick around until 2020 at the very least. However it seems that there is a glimmer of hope that the notch design could eventually go the way of the dinosaur.

Apple Patent Describes How Face ID & Touch ID Can Used In The Same Device

Apple made an interesting decision to drop Touch ID entirely on the iPhone X in favor of Face ID. While Face ID has proven itself to be a pretty secure way of protecting your iPhone, the downside is that you are required to look at the phone to unlock it, versus Touch ID where you could reach for your phone and unlock it more discreetly.

3D Printed Head Fails To Fool Apple’s Face ID Technology

Facial recognition technology in smartphone isn’t new. Android had a similar feature way back in the day, although admittedly it wasn’t exactly a robust or secure feature that could be easily bypassed by a photo. However it was in 2017 that Apple introduced Face ID, its own take on facial recognition that the company claims is near-impossible to fool.


Apple Could Still Be Interested In In-Display Fingerprint Sensors

When Apple introduced Face ID on the iPhones (and eventually the iPad), they ended up removing Touch ID in the process. According to Apple back in 2017, Touch ID was never up for consideration when designing the iPhone X, suggesting that Apple could potentially be done with the tech on its mobile devices for good.

Apple’s Face ID Component Supplier Has Been Acquired For $3.2 Billion

When Apple introduced the TrueDepth camera system in the iPhone X, this meant that the company had to turn to new suppliers for the components necessary for the technology behind features like Face ID. Finisar has been known as the company that supplies to the necessary components to Apple, and now it looks like they might have been bought out.

2019’s iPhones Will Feature An Upgraded Face ID System

While there is inherently nothing wrong with Apple’s Face ID system, we suppose that it could always be improved upon, such as being able to process facial recognition faster, and maybe improvements in low-light situations. The good news is that it looks like come 2019, we might be able to expect an improved Face ID system.

Icon Found In iOS ‘Confirms’ Full-Screen iPad With Face ID

So far based on all the rumors and evidence that we’ve seen, it seems that it’s more or less a guarantee that come 30th October, Apple is expected to officially announce a new iPad Pro with an edge-to-edge display and also support for Face ID. If you’re looking for more “evidence” of that, Guilherme Rambo of 9to5Mac has discovered additional proof.

iOS 12.1 Beta Confirms Face ID Support On iPad Pro

According to the rumors, the 2018 iPad Pros are expected to feature Face ID. We have seen evidence of that in the iOS 12 code, although for the most part many seem to believe that Face ID will only work in landscape mode. However according to a tweet by 9to5Mac’s Guilherme Rambo, it looks like it will work in portrait mode as well.

Leaked iPad Pro Case Seemingly Confirms Face ID

When Apple introduced Touch ID on the iPhone, it didn’t take too long before we started seeing Touch ID on iPads as well. This is why when there were rumors of Face ID potentially making its way onto the iPad, it didn’t really come as a surprise as it was really only a matter of when, but could it come in the 2018 refresh?

Police Told To Avoid Looking At iPhones With Face ID

Apple has gotten a lot of flak from governments over their decision to encrypt phones and giving users the key. This means that police in certain countries and under certain instances cannot compel suspects to unlock their phones. Apple has also built in certain safeguards which will prevent devices from unlocking should too many failed attempts be made.

More Alleged iPad Pro (2018) Details Revealed

At Apple’s event last month where the new iPhones were revealed, Apple did not mention anything about the iPad which left many to speculate that the new devices could be revealed this month. Whether or not that is still set to happen remains to be seen, but it seems that we might have more details about it.

Identical Twins Appear To Successfully Fool Face ID On The iPhone Xs Max

Apple has touted that Face ID is more secure compared to Touch ID. This is because it can’t be fooled by photos, and unlike fingerprints which can be lifted, it’s hard to “replicate” a face as Apple has worked with mask makers to try and teach its system to be able to detect real faces from masks.

iOS 12.1 Beta Supports Face ID In Landscape Mode

We have been hearing rumors that the 2018 iPads are expected to feature the use of Face ID, a security feature that was introduced to 2017’s iPhone X. While it was a rumor, there have been signs that it might actually be true, thanks to code sightings spotted in iOS 12. Now it looks like there could be more evidence of that happening.