An Increase In Face ID Components Are Reportedly Being Ordered

Last year Apple introduced Face ID to the iPhone X. They also ditched Touch ID in the process, and for those who still prefer Touch ID, it seems that there is some bad news because according to reports, there is now mounting evidence that Apple could ditch the feature for this year’s iPhones as well.

Firefox Focus Can Now Lock Browsing History With Face ID

Mozilla’s Firefox Focus is a privacy-focused browser that’s picking up support for Face ID on the iPhone X. The latest version of the app allows users to configure it so that it locks automatically when it’s sent to the background. The only way to unlock the app then is by using the biometrics saved on the device itself. This lets users either use Touch ID or Face ID to unlock […]

iOS 12 Beta Code Hints At iPad With Face ID

There have been multiple reports so far suggesting that Apple might release an iPad this year with Face ID. A developer has dug into the code of the latest iOS 12 beta and discovered a new avatar generation feature for the iPad which suggests that the company may indeed launch an iPad with Face ID.

iPad With Face ID Reportedly Still On Track For 2018

Ever since Apple introduced Face ID to the iPhone X last year, many have been wondering when the feature might find its way to other Apple devices. We have heard rumors that Face ID could be coming to the iPad, and that has since been “confirmed” by notable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo in a research note obtained by MacRumors.


iOS 12 Lets Face ID Support Two Different Faces

Unlike Touch ID in which users could register multiple fingerprints and even fingerprints of other users, Face ID was not designed that way. Even Apple claimed that Face ID was not designed to support multiple users presumably due to security reasons. However it seems that the upcoming iOS 12 update will change that.

iOS 12 Beta Hints At iPad With Face ID

It has long been rumored that Apple is going to bring Face ID to iPads and that possibility appears to have been confirmed by the first iOS 12 beta. iOS developer Guilherme Rambo has been digging into the beta and has discovered code which seemingly confirms that Face ID will be coming to the iPad. He has tweeted screenshots which reveal that iOS 12 has hidden references to Face ID […]

Face ID In The Future Could Include Vein Scanning On A User’s Face

At the moment Apple’s Face ID feature works pretty much as intended and seems to be pretty hard to fool. However it doesn’t mean that it is perfect, but if a recently published patent is anything to go by, it seems that in the future Face ID could be made more accurate/secure.

iPhone X Face ID Issues To Be Fixed By Repairing The Rear Camera

There have been some reports of users with Face ID issues on their iPhone X. This is a big problem for those users since Face ID is the only way for them to log into their phone as Touch ID has since been removed. However what’s interesting is Apple’s approach to fixing Face ID on these iPhones, and that is through the handset’s rear-facing camera.

Apple Patent Hints At Face ID Possibly Arriving For The Apple Watch

At the moment how the Apple Watch authenticates the wearer who is wearing the Apple Watch is through skin contact. This means that as long as the user has authenticated themselves previously, as long as the watch is touching their skin, but taking the watch off your wrist means having to reauthenticate again which can be a bit tedious.

Apple Said To Begin Trial Production Of 2018 iPhones Soon

The iPhone X was the first revolutionary upgrade for Apple’s smartphone lineup in a few years as it brought new technologies such as the OLED display and 3D sensors. However, the latter presented some challenges on the production line and multiple reports suggested that the components required to power Apple’s Face ID feature were creating a bottleneck and consequently causing supply shortage. With Apple expected to switch to Face ID […]

Apple’s 3D Sensing Tech Reportedly Two Years Ahead Of Android

Apple introduced its sophisticated 3D sensing technology called Face ID with the iPhone X last year and a new report suggests that the company has a sold two-year lead over its Android rivals in this department. According to the report, most Android OEMs will have to wait until 2019 at least to duplicate the 3D sensing technology behind Face ID.

Apple Supplier Hints That Face ID Will Be Coming To All 2018 iPhones

With Face ID being the brand new feature that Apple introduced last year with the iPhone X, it is expected that it will eventually be brought onto other iPhones. A report from last month suggested that all of 2018’s iPhones would be getting it, and now it appears that Apple supplier Finisar might have confirmed it.

New iPad Pros With Face ID Could Arrive Next Quarter

Recent reports have suggested that Apple has a couple of new tablets in the pipeline which it’s going to launch in the not too distant future. These new iPads are expected to feature the Face ID technology that the company introduced with the iPhone X last year. An analyst claims that the new iPad Pro models might soon enter mass production but they’ll only be released to customers in the […]

Developer Creates Optical Illusion Using The iPhone X’s TrueDepth Camera

Recently we’ve seen how a developer has taken Apple’s ARKit and recreated the infamous scene from Japanese horror movie “Ring”. It was admittedly a very clever use of the technology, and it seems that we’re starting to see more developers take advantage of that, such as in the case of Swedish coding artis Peter Norrby.