Fortnite is unquestionably the most popular game on the planet right now. Millions of people will be delighted to find out that Epic Games has finally revealed more details about the fifth season of Fortnite. Fortnite season 5 is finally here and it brings a host of new content including but not limited to golf cars, new locations, weapons, vehicles, and mechanics.

Some of the biggest changes that Fortnite season 5 brings are inside the map. There’s a new desert biome which is a world apart from the familiar green scenery of the island. Paradise Palms and Lazy Links are the two new locations on the map alongside some anonymous areas which will remain a surprise when the players jump out of the Battle Bus.

The All Terrain Kart has also been introduced in this season. It’s essentially a rugged golf cart with speed bosts when drifting. It lets all four members of the squad climb inside and they can work together to achieve higher jumps by timing their leans properly. The roof can double as a bounce pad.

The gameplay mechanics updates include an indicator for how many shotgun pellets hit a rival player and that the seventh, eighth and ninth storm circles will move in random directions. The first storm circle will only do 1 damage now regardless of how long the player is stuck in it.

The popular sandbox Playground mode that was added recently for a limited time has been removed in the fifth season. Epic says that it will improve the mode to allow for team fights and to let players properly build their skills without having to compete with rival players.

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