Warframe, a long-running popular co-op shooter, is making its way to the Nintendo Switch. Digital Extremes has announced that its popular title is being released for the Switch but it hasn’t provided a lot of details about this port as yet. It hasn’t even confirmed when we can expect the Nintendo Switch port of Warframe to be released.

This port has been developed by Panic Button, the company had done the Doom and Wolfenstein ports as well. Going by its previous works, one can expect the game to play on the Switch almost as well as it does on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

The game will have players teaming up to fight different factions across the Solar System while they continue to upgrade their biomechanical Warframe shells. An announcement trailer has been posted online as well to confirm that this title is certainly headed to the Nintendo Switch.

It’s a very popular game with more than 30 million people having played Warframe as of October last year. Its concurrent player high on Steam is more than 120,000. Unfortunately, Digital Extremes hasn’t confirmed at this point in time when we can even expect the title to be released for the Switch, let alone provide a confirmed release date. It will hopefully provide this information in the not too distant future.

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