A couple of friends went for a ride in a vintage biplane in Ames, Iowa earlier this month. One of them took out her phone to take pictures, as you do in this day and age, and dropped it. The iPhone fell almost 1,000 feet to the ground that would have been enough for many to assume that it was gone forever. However, she located her device with the Find my iPhone feature and much to her surprise found the device to have survived the 1,000 feet fall.

Sarvinder Naberhaus, who dropped the phone, initially believed that she had lost her iPhone for good. Once they landed, she tried to give Find My iPhone a shot. It wasn’t able to locate her phone the first time but she tried once more before going to pick up a new device. It worked perfectly the second time.

Her iPhone had landed in tall grass in a residential neighborhood. Find My iPhone led them to the approximate location and Naberhaus was able to spot her phone from a distance. The device had survived the massive drop without a scratch and was in full working condition.

While it’s great that her phone survived the drop, one has to think that the situation would have been very different if the device had landed on the pavement instead of the tall grass.

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