With multiple US carriers planning to begin rolling out 5G to various cities this year, and possibly even blanket the whole of the US next year, it means that smartphone makers need to hurry up and start putting out smartphones that can support 5G, otherwise what’s the point, right? For those who want a 5G smartphone, perhaps Lenovo could be worth considering.

According to Lenovo’s VP Chang Cheng, he claims that Lenovo will be the first in the world to bring a 5G smartphone to the market. He also claims that the smartphone will be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855 chipset, which has yet to be released but is presumably the company’s next flagship chipset that will also most likely make its way to other flagship smartphones, like Samsung’s Galaxy S10. We’re not sure how Lenovo is so confident that they will be the first, especially since we’re sure that many other companies are racing towards releasing a 5G handset.

Either way this is good news for customers who are on the lookout for a 5G smartphone, but we’ll keep an eye out to see if other companies might beat Lenovo to the punch, but don’t expect it anytime soon since the Snapdragon 855 will most likely find its way into 2019’s smartphones.

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