There are plenty of reasons not to get a car, such as saving money, where the cost of a car and maintenance and fuel can add up to be quite a lot. There is also an environmental factor where having less cars on the road can reduce CO2 emissions (assuming you aren’t driving an electric car).

However despite these benefits, plenty of people still would prefer having their own transport for the sake of convenience (and sometimes status), but Lyft wants to challenge that notion, so much so that they are offering 100 residents in Chicago $550 if they are willing to ditch their cars for a month.

Of course this won’t be free money and those who take part in this challenge will need to turn over their keys for 30 days. In exchange they will be given $300 in Lyft shared ride credit (which can only be used in carpools), $45 monthly Divvy bike-share passes, $100 in Zipcar credit, and $105 for “L” train and bus service.

According to David Katcher, Lyft’s general manager for the Midwest, “We are literally asking people to get rid of their cars. Basically, we’re giving people this opportunity to park their cars for 30 days, and here’s everything you need to get around this city.” This challenge will kick off in Chicago but there are plans to potentially bring it to Portland later this year as well.

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