The amount of RAM we’re starting to see in smartphones these days is increasing. Of course whether or not we need so much RAM is up for debate, but from a marketing perspective it definitely sounds good to advertise a phone that features 8GB of RAM versus a competitor who might only offer 4GB or 6GB.

While 8GB RAM smartphones aren’t quite as common yet, it seems that OPPO could be taking things up a notch because according to a post on Weibo by a Chinese leakster (via GSMArena), it seems that OPPO could be launching the R17 smartphone (presumably the successor to the R15 and R15 Pro) which could pack as much as 10GB of RAM.

Not much is known about the R17 at the moment, but the leakster shared an image of what appears to be a stage rehearsal for OPPO’s event where the phone will be revealed. Interestingly enough OPPO won’t be the only company to launch a smartphone with 10GB of RAM. Earlier this year there were rumors that Vivo could have something similar in the works.

Like we said, whether or not so much RAM is necessary for the average user is unclear, but just like camera megapixel count, the higher it is the better it looks on paper.

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