Microsoft tried to improve its fortunes in the smartphone market with the acquisition of Nokia’s hardware division but that didn’t happen. It left the smartphone market and currently has no plans to make smartphones powered by Windows 10 Mobile. However, a new rumor suggests that the company is preparing a new line of smartphones which will be powered by Android.

This according to a Microsoft Store employee who claims that the company’s engineering team is working on a “new line of phones.” They won’t be branded as Lumia handsets, obviously, and it’s unclear whether the company’s Surface hardware development team is behind these devices.

There is nothing else to back up this rumor other than the claims made by this employee. It’s possible that it may just only be the employee’s own speculation that the smartphones will run Android. It’s also possible that he may be talking about the Microsoft Edition Android phones from other OEMs that are sold through the Microsoft Store already.

The employee goes on to say that the smartphones will “definitely” be Microsoft-branded. This is the first we’re about a new lineup of smartphones from Microsoft that will run Android. It would be best to take this rumor with a healthy dose of salt for now until more information surfaces about Microsoft’s new Android smartphones.

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