The problem with a lot of TV designs is that for the most part they are obvious at what they are. This means that when not in use, TVs are these hulking huge gadgets sitting in the middle of our rooms with a blank, black screen. It’s not the most unsightly thing in the world, but what if these aesthetics of TV could be improved upon?

That’s what Samsung seems to think as the company has unveiled a new Frame TV for 2018. For those who are wondering why this sounds familiar, it is because last year Samsung launched a similar device, but as expected the 2018 model will come with new and updated specs and features. This includes HDR10+ which is an improvement over last year’s HDR Pro, and will also include smart features such as Bixby so that users will be able to interact with it using just their voice.

One of the marketing points of the Frame TV is that when not in use, it won’t be a useless gadget sitting there doing nothing. It can also be used to display photos and artworks, which you can get from Samsung’s Art Store for $4.99 a month. This is actually not the first or second time that Samsung has explored new ideas for TV design.

Back in 2015 the company unveiled the Serif which was designed to resemble a window. If the new Frame TV sounds like something you could be interested in, the 55-inch model will retail for $1,999 while the 65-inch model will go for $2,700.

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