Blizzard’s Warcraft universe has a pretty long and rich history, thanks to story that the developers have crafted, the stories from the books, and also World of Warcraft which is continuously expanding on the overall story. This also means that those new to Warcraft have a lot of catching up to do.


For those who are new to the game or who want to explore a bit more of the game’s lore and its characters, you might want to check out the latest Warbringers short that Blizzard released. Blizzard has released various animated shorts in the past for some of the key characters in the game so this release is not surprising.

This animated short however will focus on Jaina Proudmoore, who some might be familiar with as being one of the key characters in the Alliance. She was also once friends and allies with Arthas who later became the Lich King. According to the description of the short, “Jaina Proudmoore is no stranger to making difficult decisions. In this animated short, the choices of her past continue to influence her future.”

If you have about 5 minutes or so to spare, then this could be worth checking out. We expect that there will be more Warbringers shorts released in the near future leading up to the launch of the Battle for Azeroth expansion which is due next month.

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