Back in July, Amazon revealed that they were testing out a new wish list feature in which it would allow for users to collaborate on a wish list together. As the name itself implies, this means that multiple users could work on a wish list together, which will come in handy for organizing events or parties.


The feature was in testing which meant that it wasn’t available to all users, at least not yet, but now according to Engadget, it appears that the feature has since been made available to all. According to Amazon’s release, “Amazon is excited to share that now ALL customers can build their Shopping Lists or Wish Lists together in one convenient location.”

To get started on using the collaborative wish list feature, all users need to do is create a list or go to an existing list, click on the “+” button to invite users to the list. Once users have been added, they’ll be able to add and remove items from the list, as well as enable notifications that will let them know whenever changes to the list have been made.

There will also be separate tabs for Purchased and Unpurchased to help make it clearer and to avoid duplicate purchases (unless intentional). Prior to this, collaborative wish lists were only available to those who created a wedding registry list, but now this means that anyone can make any list they want to collaborate now.

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