NVIDIA unveiled its new real-time cinematic quality rendering technique at GDC a few weeks ago. The company’s RTX Ray Tracing technology is powered by film quality algorithms and new GameWorks SDK modules. It will allow developers to ray trace ambient occlusion effects, glossy reflections and shadows in their engines and games. According to a new report, Battlefield V might support the RTX Ray Tracing technology.


The technology will let developers create film quality, physically-accurate scenes with lighting, shadows and reflections. Gamers will thus be able to experience “a level of fidelity you could previously only dream of,” according to NVIDIA.

Results from a console command in Battlefield V’s alpha version suggests that the title will have support for NVIDIA’s Ray Tracing technology. The “Render.DrawScreenInfo 1” console command displays the title’s technical rendering details and the results show the possibility that it supports this technology.

It hasn’t been officially confirmed as yet by EA Dice whether the title does have support for the RTX Ray Tracing technology. It may reveal the information in the coming weeks if that is indeed the case.

Battlefield V is scheduled to be released for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on October 11th. NVIDIA has already been proclaimed as the preferred GPU-maker for this title. “As the PC platform, we’re helping the Battlefield V development team create the definitive PC experience”, NVIDIA said back when the title was announced.

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