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A few months ago, it was revealed that Google was testng out what appeared to be a dark mode theme for Android Messages. Then more recently that feature was rolled out to users, but now according to 9to5Google, it seems that the dark mode feature has since been rolled back along with other changes.

The update to the app would have bumped it to version 3.5, and with the update it introduced a new Material Theme to the app along with dark mode. However like we said, the report is now claiming that all those changes have since been rolled back without an explanation from Google as to why.

It is possible that maybe there was a last minute bug that was spotted that could have been critical enough to force the roll back. However 9to5Google notes that there weren’t any major bugs or issues that were reported when it was updated, so maybe that might not have been the reason why, but since Google has yet to say anything, it’s really anyone’s guess at the moment.

In any case we guess Android users will just have to wait for Google to roll out the update again, so do keep an eye out for it if those were changes that you were looking forward to.

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