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Sony’s God of War franchise started out based largely on Greek mythology, but when Sony announced a new installment in the franchise, they not only shook up the way the game was played with the introduction of Kratos’ son, but they also changed its settings where it was now based on Norse mythology.

However as it turns out there was a good chance that it could have almost been based in ancient Egypt. This is according to a report from Gamesource (via DualShockers) in which during Devcom 2018, God of War Director Cory Barlog revealed during a presentation at the event that there were many location ideas tossed up during the early development stages.

According to Balrog, in addition to Norse mythology, there were suggestions for Inca, Egyptian, and Hindu based mythology settings. This was eventually whittled down where it was then a toss up between Norse mythology and Egyptian mythology, in which ultimately Balrog was the one who swayed the way in favor of Norse.

In one of the concept artworks for the game during its early stages, it showed Kratos and his son in an Egyptian setting, where in the image above you can see a Sphinx along with what appears to be a pyramid in the background.

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