An Apple retail store in Amsterdam was temporarily evacuated after an iPad battery exploded and released substances in the air that could have potentially been harmful. The employees were quick to secure the device after its battery exploded but since the vent could have released potentially harmful substances in the air, the store was evacuated.

According to reports, the store in Amsterdam was evacuated and closed temporarily after an iPad battery exploded inside. Employees quickly secured the iPad and the punctured battery in a container of sand after it exploded. There was no fire or smoke but first responders did tend to three employees who experienced trouble breathing after the fact.

Firefighters later worked to ventilate the space and clear any harmful vapors out of the store. The store was closed down during this time to ensure that employees and visitors would not face any breathing problems once the doors were opened to the public again.

This isn’t the first event of this kind to happen at an Apple Store. Similar events with iPhone batteries cased Apple stores in Switzerland and Spain to be temporarily evacuated earlier this year as well. Fortunately, there were no major injuries in any of the events, but some employees did suffer minor burns.

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