Like its rival Samsung, LG also launches two flagship smartphones every year. It has already launched one in the first half of this year and will soon unveil its Galaxy Note 9 rival as well. Much has been rumored about the LG V40 ThinQ so far. Some evidence has now surfaced to suggest that the LG V40 is going to feature a notched P-OLED display and a Google Assistant button.


A recent rumor claimed that the LG V40 may have a total of five cameras – three at the back and two at the front. It’s expected to be launched one month after the Galaxy Note 9 and much like its rival, it will be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 processor.

Based on firmware files obtained, the folks over at XDA Developers infer that the device is going to have a P-OLED display with a notch. The notch is a trend that many smartphone makers have adopted so it really won’t be surprising to see that on the LG V40 as well.

P-OLED or Plastic-OLED is a type of OLED display just like AMOLED or Active-Matrix OLED. It has individual pixels that emit light. AMOLED displays use glass substrate while P-OLED uses a plastic substrate. The plastic substrate provides more flexibility. Most OLED panels use glass. The POLED panels are thus thinner, lighter, and cost less to manufacture compared to its glass counterparts.

The firmware also mentions that this device will come with a Google Assistant button. The LG G7 ThinQ already has this button and it’s within the realm of possibility that the company will add it to its next flagship as well.

No further information is available about the LG V40 ThinQ at this point in time. LG hasn’t revealed as yet when it’s planning on launching this device.

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